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Bra Holsters, Sun Visor Holsters, Home & Office Holsters. Everything you need to completely conceal your firearm at home, in the car, at the office and on your body for concealed carry.  Innovation, comfort and concealment that really works. Simple in their design - comfortable and easy to use.

The Bra Holster provides quick and easy access with a side draw out of the holster pocket with incredible comfort.

The Night Draw allows you to access your firearm quickly and easily on your mattress and box spring.  Its compact folded size (8x8x1) allows you to take this with you anywhere.

The StickUp goes just about anywhere in your home or office. Behind a night stand (pictured), behind a kitchen door, etc. 

The SurVisor is our sun visor holster that allows you to place a firearm over your vehicles driver or passenger sun visor. This product also works well in Semi-Trucks.

The Night Draw, StickUp and the SurVisor all use the same interchangeable holster pockets as our Universal Harness system. What works for your Universal shoulder harness will work for these items as well.