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Universal Harness System. This is our best selling item. 1 interchangeable Holster Pocket and a pocket for 2 magazines. For men and women.

1.00 LBS
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Product Description

See "Product Video" section below.  

If you want to carry your firearm in a church, business setting, or anywhere casual clothing isn't preferred then you've found your holster!

The perfect Concealed Carry system. Everything you need to start carrying your concealed firearm. Includes one Universal Harness, one holster pocket of your choice (five to choose from) and one magazine pocket of your choice (four to choose from that hold two magazines each). Choose your color, right hand/left hand draw, holster pocket size, and harness size.
The advantage of the Universal Harness is that all holster pockets are interchangeable. Carry a full size 1911 one day and a Derringer the next. Mix and match holster pockets as needed. This allows for perfect placement of the firearm for maximum concealment with quick and easy access.  The military grade hook & loop material holds the holster pockets on tightly!  They will not come off unless you take them off!
Determine the correct holster pocket by measuring your firearm from the tip of the barrel to the hammer. 

The bottom of the hoslter pocket that is closest to the body has a soft protected lining. Our firearm retention strap is self releasing.  All you have to do is lift your firearm straight up out of the holster pocket and the retention strap releases itself. 

The Concealed Carry Holster that works perfectly under the shirt. An under the shirt holster that keeps your firearm comfortably and completely concealed.

For additional Universal Holster pockets click on the "Holster Pocket Options" tab on the left side of the web page and go to the "Universal Holster Pocket Options" link.


Product Videos

Universal Harness with detachable pockets 01:19

The Universal CCW Harness. The detachable holster pockets enable you to use one of 6 different firearm holster pockets and 4 different magazine pockets. Mix and Match as needed. The holster pockets are held onto the harness with a military grade "Hook & Loop". All day comfort with complete concealment. For men and women.

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    The Universal CCW Harness. The detachable holster pockets enab...
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Product Reviews

  1. Fills a need well.

    Posted by Larry on 11th Aug 2017

    This deep holster concealment fits the bill. Very satisfied.

  2. Another Great Holster

    Posted by Judith Green on 17th May 2017

    The Gen 2 Universal Harness, as I have said before, is the most comfortable holster I own. Since I have one in white, I ordered another in black. For a female, this is a great choice. I never wear a belt, so a shoulder holster is perfect for me. No matter what you wear, you are protected.

  3. Most comfortable concealed holster I own.

    Posted by D Carlson on 2nd Mar 2017

    I have now purchased 3 of the Gen2 universal harness systems. Gave one as a gift after trying one for a few weeks. It conceals under a shirt very well and is very comfortable. The only drawback is you will not have a quick draw if it is under a shirt. I can live with that because of the comfort. I tried in the waistband and that doesn't work for me unless I want to buy all new pants with a larger waist size.

  4. Deep Conceal

    Posted by Russ Jones on 2nd Feb 2017

    I have been wearing my Deep Conceal Gen 2 holster for over a week now. I find this product to do exactly what it say it will do. I am happy with the comfort as well as concealment factor. People tell me that they cant tell that i am armed and that is exactly what I want. I was not asked to write this review. I have and will recommend this product every chance I get. Thanks

  5. Excellent concealment, Excellent comfort

    Posted by Richard Brooks on 2nd Oct 2016

    I'm very happy with the fit, finish, and function of my Gen2 Universal Harness Complete System. I would like to hear some frank discussion of the adequacy of the velcro used with regard to the weight of a pistol and two magazines. I have had no problems with the security of the holster but would like to understand the design limits of the product. Thanks!

  6. Great

    Posted by Jane Packer on 5th Sep 2016

    Most comfortable and secure holster I've worn, but the shoulder straps and back show when I wear a t-shirt, which I normally do.